JOCAP - "Let's stop the abuse now!"

Posted by VI Field Lax on Oct 25 2015 at 11:43AM PDT

Please read the following, field lacrosse is not as big a problem when it comes to abuse of officials but we need to keep it that way. Because of this joint task force, they will be scrutinizing any game reports more stringently so please keep this in mind on the bench and let your players and parents know that we cannot tolerate any abuse of officials by anyone.

This past weekend there was a “not so” new initiative put forward and a panel formed and agreed to at the BCLA AGM. The purpose of this new panel is to confront abuse in all its forms; head on, for both Box Lacrosse and Field lacrosse.

This panel will be kept much busier in the Box Season than they are in the Field Season because in Field we are generally very lucky as players, parents and coaches and tend to be much more civilized.

Below is a blurb from BCLA that was sent to all 3 field lacrosse leagues.

What is JOCAP? It is Joint Officials Coaches Abuse Panel. This panel is composed of 12 people of title from the officials association and coaches association.

JOCAP has been formed to stop all facets of abuse… in the all sectors of lacrosse. (Field and Box)
JOCAP’s mandate is clean up the game and get rid of bad behaviour.
The game of lacrosse is all about respect for everyone in the game.
No longer are teams tolerated to be rude, crude, use profanity, use negative gestures, threaten, argue with an referee, use intimation or make a travesty of game.
Unsportsmanlike behaviour is a form of abuse and is totally unacceptable.
Coaches are responsible for their bench and serious repercussions will result should they not control their emotions, players and team spectators.

We can tell you all without any exaggeration, (from experience) that this group is looking very closely at any referee reports that cross their desks. They are expecting any form of abuse to be dealt with swiftly and for the consequences to be serious.
This will be especially relevant for Expulsion Penalties and player/coach Banishment for unsportsmanlike behaviour.
The way it is understood; coaches will be held responsible for their actions, as well as the actions of players and parents associated with their team.

Really there is nothing new here. What is new is that rules that were already in place will be enforced. Below are a couple of the relevant ones.

CLA Field Lacrosse Rule 22.2
The Head Coach shall at all times conduct himself like a gentleman, and he shall endeavour in every way to have his players and substitutes also conduct themselves like gentlemen. He shall also be in control of and responsible for the actions and conduct of all non-playing members of his squad and any and all persons connected with his team. He shall assist the official to keep the game under control at all times. It shall be his duty, upon the request of an official, effectively to control any actions of spectators which are not in conformity with good sportsmanship.

CLA Field Lacrosse Rule 75.1
No player, substitute, non-playing member of a squad, coach or anyone connected with a competing team shall:
Enter into argument with an official as to any decision which he has made;
In any way attempt to influence the decision of an official;
Use threatening, profane or obscene language or gestures to an official or any member of the opposing squad;
Commit any act considered unsportsmanlike by the referees;

CLA Field Lacrosse Rule 75.2
Where an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty has been inflicted, and the penalised person continues to act in an unsportsmanlike manner, the referees have the right to banish him from the bench area.

CLA Field Lacrosse Rule 78
Refusal to accept the authority of the officials, or the use of threatening, foul or abusive language or gestures, or flagrant misconduct may be an expulsion foul.

And here are some disciplinary guidelines that will be followed and adhered to.


May include but not limited to verbal abuse or racial statements to a player, coach, any person officially associated with a team, or a fan to deal with behaviour and actions that are non-physical.

1st Offence Minimum: two (2) to five (5) games
2nd Offence Minimum: five (5) to one (1) year from date of infraction
3rd Offence Minimum: one (1) year suspension from date of infraction to forfeit of eligibility in the BCLA Field Directorate

Abuse may be verbal or physical.
An official is defined as a referee, timekeeper, scorekeeper, or any other designated officials.
To deal with any inappropriate behaviour toward an official

1st Offence Minimum: five (5) games to forfeit of eligibility in the BCLA Field Directorate
2nd Offence Minimum: one (1) year suspension from date of infraction to forfeit of eligibility in the BCLA Field Directorate
3rd Offence Minimum: forfeit of eligibility in the BCLA Field Directorate

This kind of behaviour is also covered in the Operating Policy under Conduct as well as in the Fair Play Directive.


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